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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this page helps to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact us if you do not see the answer to your question or you would like additional information.

What is Personal Care Living?

Personal Care communities are designed to meet the needs of individuals who cannot or chose not to live alone anymore by providing help with the activities of daily living.

In practical terms...

Personal Care living exists to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing homes by providing a balance of residential living, medical services, and assistance with day-to-day living activities.

What really matters...

Personal Care Living offers residents many of the same benefits as independent living, while providing basic help in areas that may have become personally challenging.

Why choose a Personal Care Facility?

This type of residential alternative allows residents to "age in place" in a home-like setting, while assuring that basic needs are met. In addition, Personal Care Living:
  • Offers cost-effective quality care that is personalized for individual needs
  • Provides a safe and secure alternative to living alone
  • Promotes maximum independence
  • Nurtures the spirit through socialization aspects of communal living
  • Relieves residents of the chores and responsibilities of independent living

Who Resides In Personal Care Homes?

At Morning Star Manor, our community of residents is comprised of some individuals who just prefer more companionship and need some minor assistance in day to day living, as well as those who cannot function in an independent living situation, but donít require nursing care on a daily basis.

Personal Care housing is often chosen or deemed necessary when you have difficulty performing daily tasks and have no one to help you. Some indicators are:
  • Needing assistance with preparing meals, housekeeping, laundry or other daily chores
  • Experiencing falls or other incidents that jeopardized your health
  • Requiring transportation to doctors, shopping, or other appointments
  • Needing help bathing, dressing, toileting, or taking medication
  • Feeling of isolation or fear of being alone
  • Feeling frequently confused or experiencing memory problems
  • Requiring some health care assistance or monitoring
  • Needing "cueing" or reminders to perform routine activities
  • Requiring supervision due to some cognitive impairment
  • Fear that it is no longer safe to live alone
Whether you just long for companionship or you are experiencing difficulties handling the day-to-day demands of independent living, Personal Care Living can be an ideal solution.

Is Personal Care Living the Right Choice for Me?

Many people choose Personal Care Living before it becomes a necessity. Perhaps you are still quite capable of handling your daily needs, but you prefer the fellowship, the security, and the relief from daily chores offered by Personal Care Living. Or perhaps you are struggling to maintain a lifestyle that potentially places your health and welfare in jeopardy.

Whether it is by choice or necessity, leaving your home of many years is hard. At Morning Star Manor, we open our home to you and we will help you through every step of the process.

Is Morning Star Manor the Right Choice for My Loved One?

If your loved one would benefit from assistance with daily tasks and the company of others, or if you fear a situation where they may need medical help and nobody will be there to provide it Ė then we are the right choice!

Our residents enjoy all the freedoms of independent living without the responsibilities, safety issues, or social isolation of living alone. At Moring Start Manor your loved ones are never alone; care is provided 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, and comfort is found in the fellowship with others.

If your loved one can no longer live alone, we welcome them into our home and we will strive to make the transition from their present home as gentle as possible. Our staff is trained to comfort all new residents helping them to adjust into their new surroundings while giving them comfort and a secure atmosphere.

Is Personal Care Living Affordable?

Yes, Personal Care Living is financially comparable to living at home. More importantly, itís a dramatically different way of life that is often the difference between surviving and thriving.

Almost everyone underestimates how much money they spend on food and miscellaneous expenses each month. It is also common to forget those irregular and intangible expenses like repairs and maintenance, trash removal, lawn care, housekeeping, property taxes and insurance, and rarely do people include a budget line item for the unexpected expenses that always crop up.

The most frequent things people forget to include are the very things that assure quality of life, such as health monitoring, security, and the social interaction received through activities and entertainment.

In fact, many seniors living at home do household chores that put them at risk and cut back on activities and entertainment (which are important to keep them physically and mentally sharp) as ways to save money.

Personal Care Living versus Living at Home

Although relatively equal in cost, the key difference is Quality of Life!

Donít let the high cost of our competitors discourage you; contact us to discuss our reasonable private pay rates.

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Medicare does not cover Personal Care Living. However, Medicaid coverage for personal care services is available for residents who are clinically and financially eligible. There are also special programs through government and private agencies that may be able to help you too.

There are an Increasing number of long term care insurance policies that include coverage for Personal Care Living. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and review your options.